Director's Note

In 2013, during a trip to Cape Verde, I discovered the story of Amílcar Cabral. I was fascinated by the determination that led Amílcar to dedicate his life to a seemingly crazy dream: the joining of two countries in order to fight for their independence. Who was that young African agricultural engineer? How did he get such international support for a tiny territory to challenge Portugal?

This is how we formed a small team and started interviewing friends, family and comrades. I discovered that Amilcar Cabral is, even today, a controversial character who arouses opposing views both in Guinea and Cape Verde and in Portugal. It has not been easy to get a project like this off the ground without being African or Portuguese, but it is this same aspect that has allowed me to be an impartial interlocutor in which the testimonies trust.

During the last five years Amilcar has not stopped interpellating me. The documentary has become a romantic project, thought and rethought, to which I have devoted almost without means but with complete creative freedom.

In this biopic I claim Cabral, his life and his thought as a way to explore the vulnerability of the human being and the need to be attentive. We live convulsed years, in which intolerance proliferates in Europe and beyond. Today, the life of Cabral reminds us that the rights of social justice acquired by our civilization are not eternal, but that they have to be reconquered with each generation and that there is no greater danger than forgetting.

A luta sempre continua…

Human rights, utopia, racism, impossible love, ambition, war and betrayal converge in Amilcar's life. A story with a huge potential that transcends the African continent and that deserves to be told now that we are approaching the 50th anniversary of his death.