“Amilcar” is a documentary about the fascinating life of the African leader Amilcar Cabral. Born in Guinea-Bissau into parents from Cape Verde, Amilcar defended the unity of both countries and fought for their independence from Portugal.
We will get to know the reasons why Almilcar, as a young student of agronomy, organised and led the only anticolonial armed fight in Africa which paved the way for independence. To that end, after several years of underground militancy, he founded the PAIGC (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) in 1956; and, as its leader, he was in charge of the armed and diplomatic struggles that ensued.

Amilcar lived his life enthusiastically and he was committed to reach his goals. He was the most prestigious leader amongst those who defied Portuguese colonialism.

He also became a benchmark because of his political and intellectual vision and exposure during the late colonialism, as a result of which the International press focused its attention on this relatively unknown region of the world. He succeeded in obtaining support from most of the leaders from the member countries of the UN.

Cabral devoted the best years of his live to fighting for a better future for his people. When it seemed that victory was near, a conspiracy resulted in him being executed by his own men. The circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear.

Many of Cabral’s ideas as well as his genuine concern for the population and culture still prevail today. This documentary will highlight his thoughts and heroic life.